In today’s rough-and-tumble economic climate, senior citizens need to access the equity they’ve built in their homes. Maybe the nest egg they set aside was swallowed whole by the recession. Maybe they lost big in the stock market. Whatever the reason, many seniors face a cash-flow dilemma – and while the equity in their homes could save the day, the last thing they need is a new mortgage payment.


Check out this video to learn how some of our happiest clients resolved this problem. Remember, these are not paid actors – they’re actual Senior Funding Group members with encouraging stories to tell.


The following are composites of several actual Senior Funding Group cases where Reverse Mortgages led to positive solutions – and peace of mind for our members! Perhaps these stories will ring true to you.

Veronica is an active eighty-something living in a large home on the North Shore of Long Island. She owned a substantial amount of property and worked full-time to make sure her bills were paid on time, but she was tired of struggling to make her monthly mortgage payments. When she learned about Reverse Mortgages, she did her homework and then jumped at the opportunity. Her $160,000 mortgage was paid off and she was able to pocket another $100,000 in Reverse Mortgage proceeds. She was finally able to retire, and now that she never has to make another mortgage payment, she spends her days relaxing with friends.


Mary was behind on her mortgage. Way behind. Without her late husband’s pension income, she couldn’t afford to pay her mortgage and other bills. The 69-year-old Fort Lauderdale resident was facing foreclosure proceedings and was in serious danger of losing her home, and the stress (including daily phone calls from bill collectors) was worsening already serious health conditions. When she first saw our Reverse Mortgage TV commercial, she didn’t fully understand it, but the phrase “never make another mortgage payment” hit home. When she called Senior Funding Group, we realized she needed help quickly, so we processed her Reverse Mortgage application in record time. Mary now lives a happy, low-stress life in the comfort of her own home – the way it was meant to be.



Shirley got sick and wound up losing her job, and while she waited for her insurance payments and disability compensation to kick in, she fell further and further behind in her bills. “Any day now,” they kept telling her, and before she knew it, she was three years in arrears on her mortgage and property taxes. She was certain she was going to have to sell her beloved home, which she shared with her daughter and five grandchildren, and the prospect of being homeless (not only herself), but her beautiful family – haunted her. One call to Senior Funding Group turned it all around. Our experience in dealing with these matters kept the wolves at bay while her Reverse Mortgage application was processed. Now, a less-stressed Shirley is caught up on her responsibilities – and her family doesn’t have to worry about losing its home.



Edward came to see us when everything in his life seemed to be going wrong. He had judgments against him and tax liens against his house, which was in total disrepair and needed more than $32,000 in renovations. Edward desperately wanted to remain in his home, but he knew his poor credit would eliminate his chances of securing a second mortgage. With the owners of the tax lien preparing to initiative foreclosure proceedings, he turned to us. Even his own family wasn’t singing the praises of a Reverse Mortgage at first. But when they saw how the plan eliminated Edward’s monetary problems, funded the necessary repairs and gave him a healthy measure of financial security and independence, they hummed a different tune. Today, Edward isn’t the only one with a song in his heart.



Mr. and Mrs. C read about Reverse Mortgages in a senior publication. They found the idea of cashing out their home equity, without the burden of a new mortgage payment, very attractive, even though they didn’t really need the money or so they thought. They’d lived off their Social Security payments for years, but now were noticing there was less and less disposable income available to enjoy life’s offerings. Their Social Security benefits weren’t going up as fast as everything else. Suddenly, they couldn’t afford that new car they needed. They couldn’t even afford gifts for their grandchildren! By calling Senior Funding Group, they learned that as homeowners in their 70s with a house valued at over $400,000, they could secure a Reverse Mortgage that paid them a monthly income that nearly matched their combined Social Security payments. Now, with their income virtually doubled, they can spend freely on the things that matter most, especially their grandkids!